[mod_python] More on sessions

Rune Hansen rune.hansen at scanmine.com
Sun Oct 31 10:47:04 EST 2004

Hi, I've been following a discussion on sessions on this list. To day I 
had use for sessions my self.

The example provided by Amir Salihenfendic 
works perfectly on my OS X pb... so naturally I didn't expect to get 
into trouble deploying it on Fedora Core 1, apache 2.0.50, python 
2.3.4(ucs4) and mod_python 3.1.3, but no such luck.

It seems to me that new_session.save() fails. The server returns 404 - 
no information is written to any log.

- /tmp is writable for all
- mod_python in general works as expected

I really don't know what to do other than scrap the system and rebuild 

Any suggestions?



"So as far as I'm concerned, SOAP is not XML, nor is it useful to even a
fraction of the degree to which it is destructive."
- Uche Ogbuji

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