[mod_python] Single Authentication for dual applications, Webware and Moin

Roger crosseyedpenguin at cox.net
Wed Oct 20 18:13:26 EDT 2004


I have an application written using Webware/WebKit that makes heavy use 
of MoinMoin for supporting documentation. The Webware application 
currently uses a home-coded authentication mechanism making use of an 
SQL database. The MoinMoin application currently uses the standard 
MoinMoin authentication scheme resulting in dual login IDs and dual 
passwords for all users.

I am about to modify the MoinMoin authentication scheme to use the same 
SQL database for authentication, eliminating the dual login IDs, but not 
the dual logins.

It would be an advantage to have one login for both applications. Both 
applications are running under mod_python and on the same virtual 
server. Allmost all my coding experience is using Webware object 
structure andI have done little with mod_python other than install it. I 
see references to the objects with the same names (request, session) in 
the MoinMoin, Webware, and mod_python docs, but these appear to be 
unique to each application.

Does anyone have any suggestions for an approach yielding a single login 
for these two applications? I am thinking that I need to write a 
authentication mechanism for mod_python against the SQL database, and 
then write subordinate mechanisms for Webware and MoinMoin that verify a 
valid mod_python session exists. But I am confused as to how to go about 
passing user information between these applications. Is there a better 
approach than using a cookie understood by all three mechanisms?


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