[mod_python] Approaches to handling input forms.

Jorey Bump list at joreybump.com
Tue Oct 19 21:58:07 EDT 2004

Graham Dumpleton wrote:

> If the form and the processor of the form are at different urls, there is a
> better separation of functionality of presenting the form and its processing.

I've found the opposite to be the case. That is, when the form submits 
to itself, I can keep everything within the same context, including 
conditional branching and error handling. I create a dispatch function 
that looks at the form variables and acts accordingly. I move on to 
another URL when there is no more processing to be done for that form 
(which will often span multiple pages).

Compared to earlier projects where I used different URLs, I'd have to 
say that this method has encouraged me to reuse code more efficiently. 
The separation of functionality occurs in the code, where it's most 
important. The URLs serve as logical containers that distinguish the 
various parts of the application.

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