[mod_python] Processing Apache Logs

Orr, Steve sorr at rightnow.com
Wed Oct 6 09:27:43 EDT 2004

Yes, we're actually using it in a limited way. It's pretty good but our
data warehouse needs to be in Oracle. Currently we use mod_sql to
capture the data into MySQL then copy subsets of data to Oracle. 
I was looking at mod_python's access to the Apache internals and it
looks like the various attributes (members) of the request, connection,
and server objects would contain everything needed to capture the Apache
log data (and more?) so I'm thinking the PythonLogHandler could be used
to get this data and put it into a database as mentioned in the ONLamp
Python DevCenter article,

	"Mod_python provides the ability to register for any phase and
write the processing function in Python. This is a very powerful
feature, because it opens the door for many innovative and exciting ways
to use Apache. For example, you can write Python code to do
authentication processing or custom logging (perhaps sending logs to a
database while maintaining real-time statistics)."

This is all new to me and I need an example to get started with the
PythonLogHandler. So... it would be nice to have a quick and dirty
example to backup the claim in the article.  :-)
With admiration for the mod_python project,
D. B. Dweeb, AKA Steve Orr

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	Have you  looked at mod_sql ? 
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[mod_python] Processing Apache Logs


	The ONLamp "Introducing mod_python" article mentions the
possibility of
	doing custom Apache logging with mod_python and inserting log
	directly to a database. Are there any examples of this or has
anyone on
	this list done such a thing? Any guidance or suggestions?
	I'm looking at building a data warehouse from the Apache log
output. The
	web apps on the load balanced web servers to be monitored do not
use any
	Python code. Are there 3rd party (non-Pythonic perhaps) log
parser apps
	I should look at instead of cutting my own mod_python code? 
	D. B. Dweeb
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