[mod_python] Session always create new session ID

Lukas Linhart Almad at include.cz
Sun Oct 3 01:40:33 EDT 2004


I'm trying to use session management with mod_python.publisher. I'm testing 
following code: 

def index(req, sessID):
 req.content_type = "text/html"
 if not sessID:
  req.write("New session")
  relace = Session.Session(req)
  req.write("Restoring session "+sessID")
  relace = Session.Session(req, sessID)
 req.write("<a href=\"testing.py?sessID="+relace.id()+"\">Reload</a>")

Well, here is no problem with creating session or printing it's ID on 
"Reload". However, on each request Session.Session(req, sessID) generate a 
new ID. 

What I'm doing wrong / where problem should lie? 


Lukas "Almad" Linhart

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