[mod_python] ModPython, Psycopg postgresql gives segmentation fault

java_dev java_dev at nilling.nl
Mon Nov 29 15:56:50 EST 2004

Some config stuff is puzzeling me. I have a site running with mod_python 3.1.3, apache 2.0.49, psycopg 1.99.10 and postgres 7.4.2

On my developmentmachine the only real difference is that I'm using postgresql 7.4.5

I get a segmentation fault when using authentication using a database. Strange because writing this email made me try switching the authenhandler of to see if the rest was also crashing but that part is working ok.

So the Segmentation Fault is caused by the AuthenHandler using the database. 

Further research showed that nothing is wrong with the database but I have trouble with the Session part of the authentication.

I store a uservalue in the Session which I check and on my productionserver is gives a crash and on my development machine it works well.

The reason i store a value in the session is that the AuthenticationHandler every request a call to the database makes. I tried to prevent that behaviour. 

If someone can give me a pointer how to prevent the Session from creating segmentation Faults please let me know. And if there is another way for preventing the authenicationhandler from being called all the time please let me know



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