[mod_python] Unicode Support

Gustavo Córdova Avila gustavo.cordova at q-voz.com
Mon Nov 29 09:39:00 EST 2004

Ivo Looser wrote:

>Hi Guys
>I whould like to change my unicode settings in Mod_Python.
>I saw a lot of but nothing helps me:-)
>Basicly I should like to start the pyhton interpreter with -U command in my
>Is it possible?
>TIA Ivo Looser
I don't think Apache understands unicode strings yet, you'd
have to encode your unicode objects into something that can
be transmited vía plain http:

request.content_type = 'text/html;charset="utf-8"'

something like that.

I suppose mod_python could be configured to do that kind of
stuff automagically, but it's much better to have it behave
explicitly, instead of implicitly (IMO).
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