[mod_python] Multiple calls to authenhandler()

Jorey Bump list at joreybump.com
Thu Nov 4 07:07:18 EST 2004

Rune Hansen wrote:

>> There has to be a way to control how and when the authenthandler() is 
>> invoked...?

That function name you mention is incorrect. It must be authenhandler(). 
Perhaps that is the problem? For more details, see:


> Problem:
> For each URI path element a mod_python handler is invoked. This applies 
> to PythonAuthenHandler, PythonHeaderParserHandler and so on.
> For me, this is a problem. I would like to avoid re-verifying the user 
> three times for each request, regardless of verification method.
> So,
> a) I've got a miss-configuration which results in multiple calls to 
> handlers, it's a local error that can be corrected or,
> b) This is expected behavior and that  there is a technique to avoid 
> this or,
> c) This is expected and, for reasons that escapes me, desired behavior.
> I'd greatly appreciate any help and suggestion

I don't use PythonAuthenHandler, but if you post the contents of your 
module, someone might be able to help.

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