[mod_python] Protecting Web apps from to manysimultaneousclicks/Hacking

Gustavo Córdova Avila gustavo.cordova at q-voz.com
Thu May 13 17:23:49 EDT 2004

Regarding serving static files, you could investigate using thttp for
this purpose, according to documents on the website, many use thttp to
server static contente, and Apache for dynamic content.

Another alternative, if under Linux, is to use the Tux http accelerator
(search in redhat's site, I don't have a link right now) to serve static
content and to pass through dynamic requests to apache. This is pretty
neat because static-content requests never leave the kernel, and get
served up directly by it, I don't think it's possible to be any faster
than that.

Good luck :)


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