[mod_python] Scripts in separate directory

Diener, Edward Edward.Diener at loyaltyworks.com
Fri May 7 10:51:16 EST 2004

It is not a matter of redirecting the request manually. The actual
script address is in the HTML file itself and points to my script
directory, ie. "/python-bin/myscript.py/myfunction" instead of
"myscript.py/myfunction". The first address does not work but the second
one does.

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On Fri, May 07, 2004 at 10:23:09AM -0400, Diener, Edward wrote:
> Is this a bug or am I missing something in order to get mod_python to 
> work properly with scripts in a separate directory ?

Don't use ScriptAlias, it tells apache to handle it as a cgi script
(what you do not want). Use mod_rewrite to redirect the request, for
example (any handler transparent redirection will do).


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