[mod_python] How to use Mod_Python with SOAP ZSI ?

Pascal Pucci Pascal.Pucci at pascalou.org
Wed May 5 13:35:10 EST 2004


I am a newbie in Mod_Python and ZSI soap, and I just need to use soap
services under mod_python.

- I tried to use mod_python with differents handlers : publisher,
  pspn, cgihandler. They work fine with mod_python-3.1.3 under apache

- After I tried to use ZSI SOAP implementation (ZSI 1.5.0).  I tried
  the dispatch directive :

    * Example with dispatch.AsServer() : Work fine

  And with :
    * Example dispatch with cgi and apache2 and dispatch.AsCGI() : Work

So when I tried the ZSI (dispatch.AsHandler()) mod_python example : I
couldn't understand how to run the simple example.

I just tried to use the following example : 


In this example, I don't understand what does mean the "MyHandler"

Does I replace this string with the publisher, psp or cgihandler
mod_python handler ? (I have already test with the mod_python
handler, but with no success).

Or do I have to implement myself this handler ?  (has anyone an example
for me ?). Which directive do I have to use in apache configuration
files ?  

I need just more working example to learn about ZSI/mod_python
mechanism. Have you please some for me ? 

Thank's for your help.

Pascal Pucci : Pascal.Pucci at Pascalou.org
http://www.pascalou.org  OpenPGP-Id: 1024D/5F1D05B9 

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