[mod_python] Getting started question...

Michael mogmios at mlug.missouri.edu
Sat Mar 27 16:53:18 EST 2004

> I need clarification on the manual...   First,  I'm reading the 
> "Getting started"
> section....  and it states...
> To get the publisher handler working, you will need the following 
> lines in your config:
>   AddHandler mod_python .py
>   PythonHandler mod_python.publisher
>   PythonDebug On
> Do they mean the 'httpd.conf' file?

Or in an .htaccess file. I think either will work although I've only 
tried putting mine in httpd.conf thus far. I don't like requiring 
file.py names so I like to do it like this instead though:

<Directory /home/webserver/localhost/xmlrpc>
        SetHandler mod_python
        PythonHandler xmlrpc
        PythonDebug On

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