[mod_python] apache.import_module picks wrong module

Kamil Niechajewicz kamil at nvstudio.pl
Fri Mar 26 12:39:16 EST 2004

On Thu, 25 Mar 2004 13:54:15 -0500
"Michael C. Neel" <neel at mediapulse.com> wrote:

> > I would guess you that you need to use separate subinterpreters (see 
> > http://www.modpython.org/live/mod_python-2.7.8/doc-html/pyapi-
> interps.html).
> In our case though, it is going across virtual servers - which are
> supposed to have their own subinterpreter by default.  Maybe that's not
> happening correctly... it gives me a road to go down at least.

Yes, in my case I'm using two applications under ONE VirtualHost,
using <Directory> or <Location> directives. So anyway I'd have 
one interpreter per vhost, right? 
Maybe I could just put both apps in different VirtualHosts, but
its not the best solution for me, actually. Is there any way to
do the same with PythonInterpreter for Directory/Location scope,
not only VirtualHost?

Anyway, thanks for help, Glenn, didn't know about this interpreter 
issue, I guess it will help me alot :)


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