[mod_python] Form Action

Robert Thomas Davis rdavisunr at yahoo.com
Wed Mar 17 11:20:57 EST 2004

Hello All
I have the following template file (form.tmpl)
<table border="0">
<form method="post" name="<%= name %>"
        id="<%= name%>" action="<%= processor %>" >
for field in form_control_fields:
        req.write( str(field.vars['name']))
        req.write('<td align="right">')
        req.write( str(field) )
# end
        <td colspan="2" align="center">
        <input type="submit" name="submit_btn" value="<%= submit_value %>" />

I currently send this template all the variable you see above; my question is in regard to the <%=processor%> variable which is where I specify which function in my .py file should process the form.  I would like to specify a funtion here that begins with a "_" so that it cannot be freely accessed.  Is this possible? Am I going about it the right way, or does anyone have suggestions for improvment?
Thanks in advance!
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