Pylets (was RE: [mod_python] persistent, reliable globals)

Michael C. Neel neel at
Thu Mar 11 10:35:11 EST 2004

> Ben,
> I am a newbie in web development and just looking into draco. 
> I would be 
> interested in some more details about your opinion about 
> draco, before 
> going deeper into it.

When starting out I went with Albatross vs Draco because of the template
syntax, Albatross uses XML tags and I liked the look better.  Honestly,
that's what made my choice, lol.

> What is "the MVC way of things"? Is it the Model View 
> Controller design 
> pattern? What do you not like about it?

I've not heard the term MVC, but if it's what I've called "Document View
Achitecture", then I agree it's a good thing but shouldn't be forced by
the system, but encouraged.  I hope my Microsoft roots aren't too
obvious by the term...

> Concerning the relational database for session management, what is so 
> icky about that ?

As ben said, sessions are usually short lived, and putting them into the
database is really overkill.  They are also such a common need by all
that whatever system you go with, should support sessions out of the
gate, so the need to place them in a database is even less because there
is already a solution provided.


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