Pylets (was RE: [mod_python] persistent, reliable globals)

Michael C. Neel neel at
Wed Mar 10 18:38:05 EST 2004

> albatross is pretty cool, esp since you can run it in CGI (for those
> who are living in draconian servers.)  it doesn't seem particularly
> well-integrated with mod_python, tho.  e.g. it has a Session server.

Albatross has request interfaces for CGI, mod_python, fcgi (fast CGI?)
and it's own webserver that it comes with for development when you don't
have a server handy.  Every albatross app I've deployed has been
albatross, mod_python, and mysql on apache 1.3 or 2.0.  Albatross
handles the session and logic, but I use mod_python and a auth handler
for authencation.

Sessions are managed though hidden fields, session file on the server,
or a session server - you're free to choose which one you need.  Session
management is abstracted from view, you just simply pick the scheme you
want.  Like all of albatross (request interfaces, template tags, etc),
it's easily extendable and it's a matter of time before session
management ties in with mod python.  Two things I think holding that
back atm, one is session management is new, and therefore not a well
tested, as the other options and also it's only supported on apache 2.0,
so those living with draconian servers are out.  

Just recently I subclassed a request class to work as an apache filter,
so that I can use albatross when writing a filter.  This came in handy
"skinning" some cgi scripts with a new site template and not having to
redevelop them in python (I'm talking about ikonboard here).

I've also put together a set of tag extensions I use for running an SQL
statment in a template, called Axe at


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