[mod_python] persistent, reliable globals

David Geller dg at sponsera.com
Tue Mar 9 14:50:04 EST 2004


Well, I had more or less come to this conclusion for the current
mod_python version. Thankyou.

Perhaps what would be handy: a special python function call, implemented
via the API, to allow setting/getting of objects global to all the
forked children for a particular named interpreter. These objects might 
be accessible through the req
object, for example. I don't know enough to judge...

Is this feaible? Useful (well, it would be to me...)? Easy/hard?


Erik wrote:

>On Mon, 8 Mar 2004, David Geller wrote:
>>I would like to set a global variable (in memory) from a module. I would
>>then like to access this same global variable susequently by other
>>modules at any other time, and have the value that was set there to be
>>there (until, of course, Apache is restarted).
>>I have tried several ways of doing this, and it doesn't seem to be
>>reliable - i.e., sometimes the global variable is set when I look at it,
>>and sometimes it is still at its original state.
>>What am I doing wrong (or right)?
>New to the list and mod_python in general, but it sounds like you will
>only be able to pull this off if you are using a threaded Apache.
>Again, I'm new so I could be wrong.
>If you're stuck with a forked Apache, then you could try using
>something from the IPC toolbox: shared files, shared memory, messages,
>etc.  I would pickle whatever you wanted shared to some temp file and
>have your code check for that file and define it if does not exist.
>That approach has some dangerous aspects to it.  The threaded Apache
>approach sounds much better.
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