[mod_python] Supporting legacy PHP pages while still givingmod_python the root

Michael C. Neel neel at mediapulse.com
Tue Mar 9 10:39:05 EST 2004

> > I have an apache 1.3.x + mod_python + quixote intranet.  I 
> also have 
> > some legacy PHP pages.  I am currently running mod_python off a 
> > subdirectory, but I would like to make mod_python the root 
> but still 
> > maintain PHP access to the old pages.
> <Files *.php>
>    ... PHP config here ...
> </Files>
> ? 

Also sounds as if your php and python files use different directories
You'll need to probably work in an Alias /php /home/site/phpfiles so
that apache can find the files.  Looking in the errorlog, I'd bet you
see something like "File does not exist:
/home/site/pythonfiles/something.php".  The alias will mean that it is
likely you'll need to rename some links, and/or get creative with
mod_rewrite.  I'd consider merging the two directories as well, but
doing that depends on just how evenything was laid out to begin with.


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