[mod_python] Storing functions in session ?

SAiello at Jentoo.com SAiello at Jentoo.com
Mon Mar 8 17:12:11 EST 2004

I went looking through the mod_python docs, I really didn't see anything that 
screamed out to me that would perform what ya suggested.  Any pointers to 
docs, or samples would be great if possible. 

Only way I saw how to tell if my apache was threaded or forked was through the 
apache.mpm_query(). Is that right ?

Thanks again for all your thoughts on this,

On Monday 08 March 2004 04:03 pm, Erik Stephens wrote:
> So, it sounds like you want a global object to be able to "serve" the
> already opened connections to the different Apache threads or
> processes (depending on your Apache implementation).  With a threaded
> implementation, it *should* be as easy as creating a global hash/dict
> keyed by user id or email address.  I've never done this, that's why I
> say "should".  I'll be doing something along those lines soon enough
> though.  You'll just have to take care that the threads don't step on
> eachother when accessing that shared hash.
> For a forking Apache implementation, it's beyond my abilities to see
> how to do it.  I was just reading in Eric Raymond's "The Art of Unix
> Programming" why multi-threaded programs are worse than per-process
> ones.  I have to disagree, at least in this domain.
> Best regards,
> Erik

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