[mod_python] modpython psp v. spyce

Jim Peterson jpeterson at ainet.com
Sat Mar 6 12:23:36 EST 2004


Newbie here. Before Grisha released psp, I started using Spyce with 
apache/python.  I'm really still new to python, apache etc.  not a web 
guy by training.  I've been skimming the group archives to see some 
comparisons of Spyce and Grisha's PSP.

Can someone give some insight into how these two approaches compare?  Is 
there a reason for both to exist?  I admit I felt a little bad for Rimon 
when G released his approach.  Kind of pulls the rug out from under 
Rimon after years of work.  But in the longer term, integrated PSP 
should be better than third-party PSP.

In the shorter term, both seem very similar in functionality.  Can 
anyone offer some comparisons?

My style is to stay away from template systems, as they seem to 
introduce another language.  I keep my python-in-html to simple function 
calls, sometimes passing in html strings as arguments.  I want to keep 
the web pages 'programming light' so that an html/javascript guy will 
feel comfortable.  All the computation, I do in straight python.

Seems like there has been no discussion of Spyce.  Or the discussion 
never got past the 'is this the right thing to do' rather than technical 
comparisons.  Is Spyce the elephant in the room, or an also-ran?


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