[mod_python] Re: mod_python

David Fraser davidf at sjsoft.com
Fri Mar 5 13:44:30 EST 2004

Toni Gaya wrote:

>Do you have windows modpython2x compiled for apache 1.3?
>I think do a installer is too much work. A modpython.dll file and a txt file explaining where to copy it is sufficient. Does not you think it?
>There is any way to compile modpython with mingw (mingw.org) compiler? I do it, but ./configure does not find paxs executable.
No, I don't ... but you should be able to follow the instructions posted 
to the list to confile it.
The installer isn't actually that difficult to build, but once you have 
compiled the mod_python dll you should be able to do as you say.
Note however that you also need to install the mod_python python 
libraries, not just the dll.

modpython will not compile with mingw, and the cconfigure scripts are 
written for unix and expect apxs which is the Apache configuration tool 
that does not exist on Windows.
Hopefully this will be rectified in the 3.x branch, and you could port 
the changes back to 2.x if you want...


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