[mod_python] BerkeleyDB and 4Suite

Robert Sanderson azaroth at liverpool.ac.uk
Tue Mar 2 11:42:08 EST 2004

I've had trouble using these libraries and was wondering if any one had 
had any luck?

If I run the code outside of mod_python everything works as expected. When 
I import the code into a mod_python interpreter, the following occurs:

When importing 4Suite, it fails because it finds the wrong version of 
expat.  I can only assume that it's finding the version compiled with 
Apache first, before finding the one compiled for Python.

Bsddb (the version that comes with 2.3.3) imports okay, but I can't read 
open any database.  It fails with an invalid argument error: 22.  The same 
code works as expected outside of mod_python.

Apache is set to run as the database owner, so it shouldn't be 
permissions. To make sure, I recreated the db as 0777 and it still failed 
to open.

i686 linux (Redhat 9) + Apache 2.0.48, Python 2.3.3, mod_python 3.1.2b, 
4Suite 1.0a3, the latest BerkeleyDB

Many thanks,


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