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Conrad Steenberg conrad at hep.caltech.edu
Sat Jun 26 09:36:22 EDT 2004

Hi John

I'm using this snippet in a mod_python-based server (clarens.sf.net):

  import ZSI
  from ZSI import ParsedSoap, SoapWriter, TC, ZSI_SCHEMA_URI, \
    FaultFromFaultMessage, _child_elements, Fault

          ps = ParsedSoap(data)
          arg_data = _child_elements(ps.body_root)
          if len(arg_data) == 0:
            arg = []
            tc = TC.Any()
            arg = [ tc.parse(e, ps) for e in arg_data ]
        except ZSI.ParseException, e:
          return apache.OK

I.e. the method name would be in "method" and the arguments in "arg". I
don't know if this would work for a doc-style service...

The two methods referenced in the exception handler are:

def write_response_soap(req,message,code=apache.OK):
 req.content_type='text/xml; charset="utf-8"'
 req.headers_out['Server'] = "Clarens Apache/ZSI SOAP server %s"%_version


def build_fault_soap(req,call,code,message):
  return ZSI.Fault(code,message).AsSOAP()



On Fri, 2004-06-25 at 07:25, Ertl, John wrote:
> All,
> The all to common "I am new to mod_python".  I have been using the ZSI SOAP
> module for a simple RPC style web service that uses AsCGI for the dispatch.
> I have been given the chance to work on a Virtual server that allows me to
> use mod_python without messing up everyone else.   I have the simple example
> of mod_python and ZSI working but now I want to look at turning the RPC
> style web service into a doc-style service.   What I can't figure out is how
> do I get to the soap body?   If any of you are familiar with ZSI I assume I
> could use ParsedSoap but I am not sure what to do ParsedSoap on.  Is there a
> better way to make a web service with mod_python?   In the little I have
> read mod_python looks very promising but I just am just not able to link the
> pieces together. 
> Any ideas or simple examples would be appreciated.
> Thanks,
> John Ertl
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