[mod_python] Servlets and templates and SimpleTAL (oh my!)

Eric Walstad eric at ericwalstad.com
Fri Jun 25 09:23:56 EDT 2004

Hi Daniel,
On Friday 25 June 2004 07:57 am, Daniel J. Popowich wrote:
> Eric Walstad writes:
> > ... Daniel Popowich, in the Servlets tutorial, advocates using
> > HyperText (I think), which seems to embed the presentation pretty
> > firmly into the logic of the web app.  I like keeping the
> > presentation separate from the logic as much as possible.  
> I quote the tutorial: "True confessions: I hate writing HTML. So, I
> have always used packages like HTMLgen or HyperText."
I meant no offense, nor was I inferring poor design.  I'm sorry if it sounded 
that way.  I took a cursory look at Sharky's copy of your tutorial, liked 
your work and wanted to find out if others were using it in the way I was 

> > I'm curious to know if anyone has used SimpleTAL with Servlets or
> > can offer insight on this mixture to someone with no Python Servlet
> > experience.
> Anyway, as to your question about using a templating tool with
> Servlets.  Why not?  You can store your content anywhere and using,
> perhaps, PATHINFO as a lookup key, retrieve your content from a
> database or directory hierarchy which is removed from your application
> files.
> I should perhaps add a templating example to the tutorial; it would be
> something like this: a file would exist (exmple.tpl) with the content
> of the BODY and have tags or some such which would be replaced with
> information collected from a form.  The servlet (template.mps) would,
> on a GET, produce a form (HyperText widgets) and on a POST would read
> the example.tpl, apply the data collected from the POST and return the
> processed template as the content.
> Hope this helps.
It does, thank you.  I'm going to give Servlets a whirl.

Best regards,


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