[mod_python] Hello World - problem

Gerhard Venter loper at ananzi.co.za
Thu Jan 29 02:38:59 EST 2004


I have followed the instructions on the modpython web-site,
but can still not get the test script at
to work - the browser just tries to download the file.
Yet mod-python is running, because if I change the script:

from mod_python import apache


from mod_python import 123thisisatest

I get a Python traceback which includes:

ImportError: cannot import name 123thisisatest, which
proves to me that the Python Debug is working

I have tried both libapache-mod-python-2.2  and
libapache-mod-python-2.3 Debian packages.  This was
initially under apache2-mpm-worker, but I thought perhaps
mod_python might work under apache2-mpm-prefork, but this
also did not work.

Any ideas would be appreciated

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