[mod_python] gzip and conditional get

Michael C. Neel neel at mediapulse.com
Wed Jan 28 12:36:16 EST 2004

In apache you have a compression module called mod_gzip (I think that is
the name) to compress output, which will be transparent to your code.
Also, it can work on everything, not just dynamic output - images,
static content, non-python scripts, etc.  I've always been wary of this
though, is it faster ot send compressed data in which CPU cycles are
used on both ends to handle the format, or just send straight output.
One take more time processing, the other more time sending, and there is
probably a point of no return in which a heavy traffic server could be
so backed up with compression requests it beings about it's own doom.
Seems like a DoS waiting to happen, but I've not tested out each option
so in pratice it may not be realistic.

The Etag thing is new to me, but I suppose if you looked at cgi_buffer's
source it wouldn't be too hard to extract that piece, sing it will just
be some string work.


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> Hello-
> When writing Python CGI's, I had been using cgi_buffer to 
> compress web 
> output and generate/validate Etags:

Does anyone know of a similar module for mod_python?

Absent that-- can anyone suggest the best way to get thos features in 

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