[mod_python] mod_python and mysql - problem solved!

David Geller dg at sponsera.com
Sat Jan 24 17:14:45 EST 2004


Awhile ago I posted an issue under "mod_python and mysql - wierd 
problem!' 1/8/2004

I was having similar problems to those described here:

1. python program with sql queries worked fine in "console" mode
2. under mod_python, when I called "c.execute()", httpd would get a 
"segmentation fault"  (this was apparent in the httpd error log)
3. sometimes, instead, I would get weird, inconsistant errors, like 
Petros decribes.

Paul Querna actually hinted at what was wrong - but it took me awhile to 
find it (what was especially strange, and still unexplained, is why  
things worked fine under mod_python on my redhat8 machine, but then 
failed on the redhat9 server).


 In my httpd.conf I was loading two DSO modules: mod_python and php4. It 
turns out, when I removed the reference to php4, the mod_python worked 
perfectly. Now, why was this? Well, I went back to the php4 module, and 
checked out "configure" - if you know anything about php, it was being 
configured with the "--with-mysql" flag, which tells it to use an 
"internal" version of mysql libs. Apparently, this is fine - as long as 
*no other modules use mysql* (the php configure tells you this at the 
end). If they do, you should specify the actual mysql library directory. 
Well, mod_python was basically another module using mysql. Duuuuh! 
(well, not so obvious to me, really). When I specified the actual mysql 
library to php configure,  and recompiled and reinstalled the PHP, I 
could have LoadModules for both php and mod_python and both *appear* to 

Not completely sure why this is, but it seems to have solved the problem.


Petros Keshishian wrote:

>I had the same problem in mod_python with MySQL:
>Namely the script was working from python shell, but
>not in mod_python. I discovered that when I query only
>one column  , e.g. 
>C.execute('select id from cities where id=17;')
>than it worked in mod_python as well, but when I try
>for more that one column it dies. Unfortunatly I could
>not find a solution and since my database is very
>small I wrote a script that queries the database for
>each column separately and then combines and returns
>the result. This is not really a solution because it
>does not address the problem and can slow down your
>program significantly if your database is large.
>Try to see whether your script works when you query
>only one column. I am very intersted in the solution
>of this problem.
>= = = Original message = = =
>I am working on porting some scripts over to
>mod_python, but my scripts 
>die when I attempt to execute a MySQL query.
>Here is a demonstration of the problem: 
>In mozilla, it loads a blank page, on Safari, I get a
>"page returned no 
>data" error.
>The code in display-rss.py is:
>DB = "db"
>USER = "user"
>PASS = "password"
>import MySQLdb
>def index(req):
>    DB_CONN = MySQLdb.connect(db=DB, user=USER,
>    C=DB_CONN.cursor()
>    C.execute('select * from cities where id=17;')
>    return "Something"
>I have also tried using the code from : 
>If I comment out the 'execute' statement, it works
>fine, the page that 
>comes back displays the word "Something:", as
>I am using  Apache/2.0.48
>Python 2.3.3
>mod_python 3.0.4
>on FreeBSD 4.9
>My Apache configuration is:
>AddHandler python-program .app
>PythonHandler mod_python.publisher
>PythonAutoReload On
>PythonDebug On
>I suspect this will be related to the Apache/FreeBSD
>threading can of 
>worms... but I'm hoping there is another answer. If
>anyone has a spare 
>clue to offer, I'd really appreciate it.
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