[mod_python] Re: Mod_python Digest, Vol 10, Issue 19

Glenn A. Hochberg gah at research.att.com
Thu Jan 15 14:18:48 EST 2004

Perhaps you can just create an empty subdirectory and use that as the 
DocumentRoot, i.e. /home/me/public_html/my_app/docroot.  That way you 
can leave your app structure alone and not have to worry about 
directories under the doc root.


>There was a similar question here some time ago, but the ansewer does
>not help with my problem. I have apache virtual host (say,
>http://testsite.local and mod_python handler handling _ALL_ 
>requests to this url (like http://testsite.local/form, http://testsite.local/
>and so on) - just like there was no filesystem.
>The document root directory for it is, for example, 
>/home/me/public_html/my_app, where handler.py file resides and all
>files my application uses (like /img, /lib, /form and so on). Now, I put
>this in my httpd.conf section of this <Virtual Host>:
><DocumentRoot /home/me/public_html/my_app>
><Location />
>  <SetHandler python-program>
>  <PythonHandler handler>
>  <PythonPath "sys.path + ['/home/me/public_html/my_app']"
>now it seems to work as soon as I don't specify in my URL any directory
>that physically exists in my document root (like /form, when I go to
>http://testsite.local/form it shows directory index with files - I want
>it to process _every_ request by my mod_python handler, and it seems
>that Apache just ignores my wish and shows directory content. by the
>way, http://testsite.local/form/somerandomstring works fine. I tried
>everything, using <Directory> instead of <Location> in every possible
>way and still it shows content, not what my handler returns.
>Is there any way to prevent Apache from doing that and force it to 
>really redirect every request to my python handler? I just want to skip
>the phase where URL for this specified Virtual Host is translated to
>filesystem, so I could use everything after http://servername/ without
>worrying that if it maps to some directory in my application dir, 
>apache will display it content, with Python code for example. :-/
>I guess the simplest solution will be not creating any directories in my
>document root, but I need them to have a nice structure of my app
>code, not everything in one dir. This would be stupid. 
>With regards,
> Kamil

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