[mod_python] mod_python and mysql - wierd problem!

David Geller dg at sponsera.com
Fri Jan 9 00:12:42 EST 2004

Thanks, Mike.

While I am not following what you do *exactly*, it is similar.
And as I said, everything runs fine on one machine. (and has for a few 
years with multiple apps). It was an incredible suprise to all of a 
sudden find such difficulty on a new machine.

What *we* do is:
1. Get sources from relevent places as tarballs  - (apache, python, 
msql, MySQLdb, mod_python,....)
2. place sources in /usr/local/src
3. build and compile them there
4. install them in /usr/local

Soooo, python is in /usr/local/lib/python2.2... (execuatable in 
/usr/local/bin as /usr/local/bin/python)
apache is in /usr/local/apache2/...
mysql is in /usr/local/mysql...

And I have confirmed that mod_python is picking up the correct python.


Michael Neel wrote:

>I see a lot of posts about trouble with MySQL and mod_python.  I use
>both in almost every project I do, and have yet to have any of these
>problems.  So here is how we configure a box:
>Redhat is used, versions 6x to 9 have been in use.
>We do not install the RPMs of MySQL that come with redhat, but do use
>the RPMs from MySQL's website.
>Apache's have been both compiled from source and RehHat RPMs.  When
>going from source, we use apache toolbox.  We've used both 1.3 and 2.0
>Python is compiled from source, and replaces the redhat version 
>Mod python is compiled from source as well.  This after python is
>installed to make sure it gets set to the same paths as the command
>line.  I never remember what to pass to configure, so I have to edit the
>src/Makefile and add -DEAPI to the opts.
>MySQLdb is installed with a simple python setup.py install
>If this helps or not I'm not sure, but I though I'd post it.

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