[mod_python] Re: mysqldb / mod_python problem

Petros Keshishian pkeshishian at yahoo.com
Thu Jan 8 12:05:53 EST 2004

Hi David:
I did not really find any solution for my problem. The main problem I had was that mod_python was working when I was trying to select a single column, but it was failing in case of 2 or more columns. Since the database I am running is very small I just wrote a python function that queries each column separately than puts them together and returns the result. Since my database is very small the slowdown is insignificant. But it won't be recommended for large databases, and it is not really a solution. I believe this problem deserves a more serious consideration.

David Geller <dg at sponsera.com> wrote:
Hi Petros -

I read your posting in the [mod_python] list Dec 30, 2003 regarding 
problems you were having with Mysql not working under mod_python 
correctly (while "regular" console python progrems seemed to work fine).

Well, I am running into exactly the same, frustrating problem!!! What is 
going on? I can't figure it out, and am about to abandon mod_python.

Did you ever get your problem resolved? I'd be most interested in hearing.

Thanks a lot!

dg at sponsera.com

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