[mod_python] Have the mod_python an example store on web... ?

fowlertrainer at anonym.hu fowlertrainer at anonym.hu
Wed Jan 7 10:09:27 EST 2004

Hello mod,

  ... or other site, what have online FAQ, or other ?
  I have some modules, and I send these modules, if needed.
  (A persistent DB connection pool, and a session manager tool)

  I want to send it/share it, because I use win32 mod_py, and I want to remove
  bugs (by found another users), and to help the mod_python to staying

  I want to learn the mod_py, get more and more knowledge, and I
  possible, share these informations with anothers.


Best regards,
 fowlertrainer                          mailto:fowlertrainer at anonym.hu

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