[mod_python] mod_php vs mod_py - include vs. import

fowlertrainer at anonym.hu fowlertrainer at anonym.hu
Mon Jan 5 09:46:10 EST 2004

Hi !

I want to control my website with only one py file: the main.py.
But I got experience with one ugly thing in mod_python.

In mod_php, the main.php file is can include many files, and all of
them can include many other files.
When I modify some or one of these files, the website is refreshed.

But in mod_python, I cannot use the include, I have only one way to share/split my sources: the import.
It is ok, but when I modify some of these imported files, the website is not refreshed !!!

My solution in this time to I use only one file.
It is not too good, because it is growing too much, and I cannot
separate it to units.

Have any solution to this problem ????

Thanx for any advance !!!

Best regards,
 fowlertrainer                          mailto:fowlertrainer at anonym.hu

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