David Fraser davidf at sjsoft.com
Mon Jan 5 10:15:34 EST 2004

Jim OLeary wrote:

>How do you get a second frame to refresh a grid on a first frame? I have a
>wxGrid on my main frame that is populated from a database.
Why are you asking about wxGrid on a mailing list that is about a python 
application server???

>Double clicking a row in that grid brings up a second frame where an individual record is
>displayed. When the user clicks a submit button on the second form, it
>updates the database, then closes the second form. I then want the grid on
>the first frame to refresh. I know that I can access the grid from the
>second frame because if I code:
>it destroys the grid on the first frame. But this has no effect:
>Any suggestions?
You probably are asking these questions on the wrong list. If not please 
confirm and clarify, as this is not a wxWindows mailing list...


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