[mod_python] Anti-mod_python discrimination

Doug Holton d.holton at vanderbilt.edu
Sat Feb 28 11:31:16 EST 2004

If you want to run apache and mod_python yourself for about as cheap as 
a shared hosting account, try a user-mode Linux account.  See:
I am using Bytemark now, and they have good documentation on how to set 
up domain names, etc.

The difficulty though is that you need to know how to run a Linux server.

Debian is the easiest version of Linux to keep up to date, but the 
default "stable" version of Debian only comes with Apache 1.3 and python 
2.1.  You'd have to upgrade your server to use Debian "testing" or 
"unstable" instead.

You might want to practice on your own computer first with Debian, or 
Knoppix, which is Debian "unstable" and runs off a CD: 

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