[mod_python] Anti-mod_python discrimination

Eric Windisch lists at bwbohh.net
Sat Feb 28 07:00:54 EST 2004

On Sat, 2004-02-28 at 06:42, Adrien Plisson wrote:
> With such a lack of good python support from my provider, i don't have 
> any wish to write a script, even a simple CGI one. If hosting providers 
> could at least provide a decent version of Python, it would benefit to 
> all the python community.
> Maybe all Python users should scream louder for good python support...

There are quite a few hosts out there that have modern Python
interpreters installed but it is probably true that hosts which actively
support Python are few between.  In addition to the hosting providers
supporting Python and/or mod_python listed by others (and myself) in
this thread, it is notable that the popular CPanel web hosting control
panel software provides a recent release of GNU Mailman so you can be
confident that any hosting provider with CPanel will have a moderately
recent version of Python.  

Web hosting companies providing CPanel will make it quite clear on their
website.  This does not mean that they support Python, only that they
will have a version installed new enough to run Mailman.

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