[mod_python] Re: Anti-mod_python discrimination

Remi Delon remi at python-hosting.com
Fri Feb 27 16:22:02 EST 2004

> I wonder if anyone on this list might want to comment on why so many
> commercial shared web hosting providers steadfastly refuse to allow the
> use of mod_python on their servers.

One reason is probably that it is not very easy to get it to work properly/securely in a shared hosting environment...

For instance, I provide VirtualHosting only I want my users to be completely separate from each other ...

Fortunately, with Apache 2 it's possible but you have to use the perchild MPM and it is really a pain in the neck to get it to work
properly ...

> I'm using mod_python on my own server, and finding it to be one of the
> greatest things since Python and Apache themselves. But I'm feeling
> hesitant to fully 'surrender' to the mod_python environment, and make
> full commitment to it, given that probably less than 2% of shared
> hosting providers hosts allow it, and the ones that do allow it tend to
>  charge 3 to n times more than the others.

I don't ... I provide mod_python with my cheapest package ($15/month)

> But I would really like to know what concerns shared web host admins
> have about mod_python. Are there real security issues, whereby a
> malicious python web app could do nasty stuff to 'neighbour' accounts,
> or to the server itself? Or is there just a 'fear of the unknown' issue?

I think it's a combination of both and the fact that it takes quite some expertise to get the mod_python/perchild MPM combo to work
properly ...


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