[mod_python] Anti-mod_python discrimination

Eric Windisch lists at bwbohh.net
Thu Feb 26 16:23:39 EST 2004

On Wed, 2004-02-25 at 20:09, David McNab wrote:
> I wonder if anyone on this list might want to comment on why so many 
> commercial shared web hosting providers steadfastly refuse to allow the 
> use of mod_python on their servers.

This is a shameless plug, as I work there, but you might want to
checkout GrokThis.net.  Our Advanced accounts provide mod_python,
mod_perl, and Zope.

> But I would really like to know what concerns shared web host admins 
> have about mod_python. 

Memory consumption and security.  There is also an issue of support. 
Lots of people know PHP, which I've found to be well-supported at many
of those cheap shared-hosting providers, whereas there are far fewer
people with mod_python experience and expertise.

> full commitment to it, given that probably less than 2% of shared 
> hosting providers hosts allow it, and the ones that do allow it tend to 
> charge 3 to n times more than the others.

I believe that we offers competitive rates.  Our accounts with mod_perl
and mod_python are slightly more expensive than those without, but it is
more expensive to host due to the additionaly server resources
required.  Luckily, I've found that users of mod_python and mod_perl are
usually much easier to deal with - requiring less support.

> Are there real security issues, whereby a 
> malicious python web app could do nasty stuff to 'neighbour' accounts, 

Yes.  GrokThis.net avoids this by giving each user their own Apache
installation running on a high (8000+) port, bound to port 80 via a

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