[mod_python] mod_python-2.7.10 with quixote

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Wed Feb 25 20:52:46 EST 2004


After a brutal 2 days I have finally gotten mod_python to work with
quixote. I still have 2 problems that I can't figure out. I posted on the
quixote mailing list but there weren't much mod_python responses.
Although they were quite helpful! So I thought I try my luck here.

1-When I browse the to the quixote demo page it's supposed to load
__init__.py automatically.  However I get a directory listing instead? 
How can I get mod_python/apache to load the __init__.py file by default? 

Here's my config:

LoadModule python_module    extramodules/mod_python.so
<LocationMatch "^/qdemo(/|$)">
    SetHandler python-program
    PythonHandler quixote.mod_python_handler
    PythonOption quixote-root-namespace quixote.demo
    PythonInterpreter quixote.demo
    PythonDebug On
    PythonPath "sys.path + ['/home/htdocs/qdemo']"

2-I think the problem is that the main PythonPath not working. I think if
I can get quixote to be in the PythonPath the proper file will load. By
default quixote is supposed to load __init__.py. This works as cgi and
scgi but not with mod_python-2.7.10

If anyone has these 2 working together, I would appreciate it if you
could point me in the right direction.



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