[mod_python] PSP include directive

vincent delft vincent_delft at yahoo.com
Sat Feb 21 01:52:02 EST 2004

With mod_python-3.1.2b, I'm using the psp handler.

The include directive is very usefull, but....
the reload is not totally correct.

I will explain it with the following example.
I have several pages like this :
Page1 (with include of subpage1)
  subpage1 (with include of subpage11)

If I do modifications in subpage11 or in subpage1 and
call page1 with my browser (Konqueror within KDE 3.2),
the modifications are not take into account.
They come only when I do a touch on page1

I think about a caching mechanism somewhere. but where
? mod_python? psp? apache?

Is there a way to avoid this ? 


PS : I'm agreed that is not very annoying, but if a
simple solution exist...

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