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Khurram khurram at renai-soft.com
Sun Feb 1 15:35:56 EST 2004

There are many ways you can learn how to parse data(I assume you know how to do
it from your last post) and three ways to extract data in mod_python. 

request object : use request object's read methods to extract the body of the
connection object: using connection object gives you full control over the
parsing of the request. You will need extra effort through. The headers are
also unparsed and you will get connection object which has no utility methods
or properties.
mod_python cgi handler source. If you have developed the program using cgi then
this is the best method. Please see this cgi handler's code for how to setup a
cgi environment for you script using mod_python.

Khurram Ijaz,
Renaissance Software.

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