[mod_python] Re: Bad penny returns

Jorey Bump list at joreybump.com
Sat Dec 18 08:08:48 EST 2004

Chad Whitacre wrote:

> Here's a simple little project for you: write a web front end for 
> htpasswd. Htpasswd is a utility for managing Unix passwd(5) files; it 
> comes with Apache (inline docs are below). I need a web front end for it 
> so that users of my svn server can change their password themselves.

htpasswd is used to create/manage user authentication files used with 
various http authentication schemes for apache.

It does *not* manipulate  Unix passwd files. For that, you can run a 
daemon like poppassd (or write one, if you're up to it) and create a web 
frontend for it.

Although security for the htpasswd is important, security for a frontend 
to passwd is critical. Both would certainly be a good exercise for any 
program. I wouldn't use a newbie's first effort for a million zillion 
dollars/euros/GHz/Kbs. :)

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