[mod_python] Some questions

Gustavo Córdova Avila gustavo.cordova at q-voz.com
Tue Dec 14 10:01:41 EST 2004

Kevin White wrote:

>Ok, so I have a few questions for you python programmers:
>1- What text editor do you use?  I have been using vim/gvim but it
>frustrates me in a couple areas.  It gets all confused with its smart
>indenting in some cases and I have to undo what it does.  Also, I
>can't just put my cursor somewhere and hit 'i' (to go into insert
>mode) and start backspacing.  I have to delete from the left of the
>text rather than backspacing from the right.  Anyway, so what text
>editor do you all use?   Is anyone out there using a good text editor
>for PSP files, and if so what editor?
I use vim/gvim for 99.44% of all my editing, and I'm also in the
process of finding out *HOW* to make vim/gvim undent when I press
backspace on an indented line, instead of "<esc><bs>....C",
which I find a bit cumbersome.

You can check out "cream", it's a gvim configuration profile with
about, say, A TON of enhancements over plain gvim, which correctly
undents when backspacing at the end of an indented line, it just
"does the right thing".

It has a hideous showstopper *FOR*ME*, which is it's inability to
cope with spanish accented chars, most probably with it's current
configuration which is hackable, make no mistake; so it's surely
a temporary showstopper.

>2- Where are the best places to find official and unofficial
>documentation for python and mod_python?  I don't know where to look
>before posting questions, and there appears to be various types of
>docs in various places.
Like someone previously said:


>3- What is a "PEP"?
A PEP is a PEP is a PEP... :-)

It's a "Python Enhancement Proposal", like an RFC, but for Python.

>That aught to do it for now. :)
your welcome...


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