[mod_python] sharing data among handlers in the same script

Alessandro de Manzano ale at unixmania.net
Fri Dec 3 05:57:34 EST 2004


I'm using mod_python 2.7.10 with Apache 1.3.31 and Python 2.3.4 under
FreeBSD 4.10.

All works fine but now I need to share some data among handler

I've a single python script (not using publisher handler) which
"exports" two functions, one as autentication handler and one as main
CGI entry point.

I read on mod_python's docs that the req object (which both functions
obtain as parameter) is a normal, extensibile python object.

So is this a correct way to share a variable between them ? :

def authenhandler(req):
 # bla bla
 do something..
 req.mydummy = True


def main(req):
 # bla bla
 do something else
 if req.mydummy == True:
  # foobar
  req.myotherdummy = 42 # some data
  # barfoo

I mean, Apache should call first the authenhandler (the script is in a
authbasic-only directory, can't access without authentication) and
then the "normal" CGI entry point as URL specifies, right ?

Are there, maybe, problems with concurrent accesses ? (I guess not,
since a single Apache process execute just a single python interpreter
instance with my script, if I understand correctly)

Any hints and suggestions are more than welcome! :-)

Thanks in advance!



Alessandro de Manzano
Milano, Italy

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