[mod_python] Re: problem installing mod_python-3.1.3 with Python 2.4

Nicolas Lehuen nicolas at lehuen.com
Fri Dec 3 02:11:51 EST 2004

Paul wrote :
> The biggest difficulty I hit was that Python 2.4 (the standard
> binary) is built with MSVC 7.1, so extensions also have to be 
> built with that version (or with mingw, which can build 
> MSVC-7.1 compatible binaries).
> As I don't have MSVC 7.1, and can't work out how to build 
> Apache, or at least enough of it to compile mod_python, with 
> mingw, I'm stuck.
> I would *really* appreciate a Python 2.4 binary of mod_python...
> Paul.
> PS Actually, I'm not 100% clear how binary compatibility works here.
>    The very strong message on python-dev is that extensions *must* be
>    built to use a compatible CRT. But mod_python bridges the Python
>    and Apache binaries, and Python uses the MSVC 7.1 CRT, where
>    (AFAIK) Apache uses the MSVC 6 CRT. So isn't there an
>    incompatibility on one side or the other whatever compiler is used
>    to build mod_python?

I'm maintaining a Win32 build of Apache 2.0.52 + mod_ssl + mod_svn 1.1 +
mod_python 3.1.3 with a few patches + a lot of other things (a simplistic
subversion front-end built with mod_python, PHP 4.3.9 etc.), the whole being
built with MSVC 7.1. I'm using it in production with Python 2.3.4 without
any problem, even though I have a MSVC 7.1 build on one side and MSVC 6 on
the other.

I have not yet tried to build it with Python 2.4, but I may try this

I'm thinking about putting this binary build somewhere on the web ; right
now I have a somewhat rough distribution with an Inno Setup installer (the
rough part is mostly that upgrading must be done carefully because the
installer tends to overwrite httpd.conf without worrying about the changes
you've made). What worries me a bit is whether it is OK to bundle a bunch of
open source software with different licensing schemes. I can't bother to
read all the license files involved and check whether it is OK or not...


Nicolas Lehuen

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