[mod_python] python & chrooted area

Nick nick at dd.revealed.net
Thu Dec 2 10:18:29 EST 2004

Type ldd libpython2.3.so, then ldd lib/lib-dynload/*, and you'll see the 
scope of the problem.


John wrote:
> What about if you copy all the python related files to the chroot area?
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>>Nick wrote:
>>>>Thank you for the advice but i have already a chrooted area and i
> lately
>>>>installed the mod_python. (to a non chrooted apache in the same
>>>>system). Now
>>>>i have to copy the /usr/local/apache/bin to the chrooted are and
>>>>the mod_python.so and some files from the python installation.
>>>>Any ideas on what files?
>>>I imagine you'd need libpython2.X.so mainly just to get it running at
>>>all. You're going to need most if not all of the modules in
>>>/usr/lib/python (or perhaps in your case /usr/local/python/lib?) to do
>>>anything interesting.
>>Python itself doesn't work very well chrooted, especially with apache.
>> I tried several times to get it working, but overall, python just has
>>too many dependancies to really successfully work in a chroot environment.
>>But, good luck!  Let us know if you accomplish it.
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