[mod_python] mod_python in a shared environment

Fabio Rotondo mlists at rotondo.it
Thu Aug 26 16:29:43 EDT 2004

Fabian Fagerholm wrote:


> Small web sites such as those currently done in PHP are often worked on
> while they are "live", and that's where mod_python has one of its
> greatest weaknesses. People often start learning in such small

sorry but I don't think that in a production environment you can change 
the code while users are browsing your web site. It'd be a complete mess.

The fact that in your development environment you have to restart Apache 
is not so uncommon. JSP and Perl sometimes need the same treatment.

Even more: there are workarounds for python that allows you not to 
restart apache while working. Many examples appeared on this mailing 
list in the last few days.

> environments, and seeing that mod_python is not stable in such an
> environment may result in the conclusion that it is not stable at all.

mod_python is stable. It is rock solid.
Python is a great language and mod_python just exposes Python power to 
web developers.

If you may think mod_python is weak or does not deserve respect or your 
time just switch back to PHP and be prepared to rewrite your code 
everytime they change PHP APIs (which has happened from PHP3 to PHP4 and 
is happening again from PHP4 to PHP5).



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