[mod_python] mod_python in a shared environment

Fabio Rotondo mlists at rotondo.it
Thu Aug 26 10:48:45 EDT 2004

Rob Ballou wrote:

Hi Rob,

> Our main server houses a number of clients and all of their projects. 
> After reading about the issues of restarting apache and how 
> mod_python/apache use system resources, I am starting to doubt if 
> mod_python will be a good fit for an environment of this sort. I was 
> wondering if people have a similar situation where there are multiple 
> applications (20+) running on a single server? Do you use individual 
> python interpreters for each? Do you use the same handler for all of 
> them? How does this effect server performance (memory and CPU)?

the problem of restarting Apache in order to be sure mod_python will get 
the right files is only targeted to development systems and not deployed 

I think nobody would use the "public" machine to do internal developing 
of new / updated apps, so the "Apache restart problem" should not matter 

On performace: it all depends on your apps. For sure, mod_python and 
Python in general are faster and less memory-hungry than other languages 
like Java with servlets, and the mod_python platform is much more stable 
than the early version of Tomcat (I don't know how Tomcat evolved 
because I dropped Java development some years ago).

I think you should give it a try. But not on your production machine ;-)



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