[mod_python] Apache2 and SIGHUP ?

Bo Lorentsen bl at netgroup.dk
Wed Aug 25 14:52:18 EDT 2004

Hi ...

I have been working with mod_python for some time now, and I have found
one strange "error", that I like to know if I am the only one having ?

If I like to restart apache2 because of some module update, or changes
in some binary import modules, or even just the weekly logrotate, I can
do it in two ways.

1. I can send a SIGHUP (/etc/init.d/apache2 restart)
2. I can stop and start apache2

If I do the first, all my future request end up in a coredump and this
continue until I end up using the second method :-)

If I am all alone, can someone please tell me how one behave corectly in
a python module (written i C) when python restarts/reloads ? I can't
find any info. about this in the python doc :-(

I'm looking forward to any help I can get, thanks.


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