[mod_python] How can I turn off apparent caching of python code?

Tobiah toby at rcsreg.com
Tue Aug 24 05:39:24 EDT 2004

>> So, is there any way at all that I can avoid caching python
>> objects entirely while developing?
> No, not without altering how Python works, which is way outside the 
> scope of mod_python.

Ok, but I'm developing an entire application framework using
the publisher handler.  I have things importing other things
all over the place as I create my library modules.  In this
position, am I relegated to repeatedly restarting apache as
I solidify my classes?  I this what other people do?  Why is
there so little discussion about this on the web?  Am I missing
something?  Is my methodology flawed?

Also, would Quixote suffer the same problem?

I'm starting to rewrite a large online registration system
with reports and other tools.  Is there a better choice then
the mod_python Publisher handler?



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