[mod_python] set_error_page

Jim Dabell jim-mod-python at jimdabell.com
Tue Aug 24 16:08:20 EDT 2004

> I have been searching through the mailing list
> archives and reading through documentation +
> onlamp.com article trying to find an example of how to
> use the set_error_page() method.  If anyone could
> paste up some example code I would really appreciate
> it.  Thanks

Sure, suppose you have index.psp.  Put this at the top of it:

<% psp.set_error_page('error.psp') %>

And create a file called error.psp in the same directory.  This will be just 
like a normal PSP file, except it will have an additional variable passed to 
it called 'exception'.  For example, you could use something like this:

import smtplib, traceback

(exceptionType, exceptionValue, tb) = exception

message = """Subject: Error

An error has occurred with the website.
The exception type is %s
The exception value is %s
A traceback follows:
%s""" % (exceptionType, exceptionValue, traceback.format_tb(tb))

mailServer = smtplib.SMTP('mail.example.com')
mailServer.sendmail('errors at example.com', 'webmaster at example.com', message)

   An error has occurred and the administrators have been notified.

I'm sure you can make the page much more friendlier, but this is just an 
example :).

Jim Dabell

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